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News From Rio


March 11, 2022: Blessings from Rio! Thank you for your faithful companionship! 

We are easing back into a semblance of normality here in Rio, face masks have now been dropped entirely, not that we all feel "safe"...


Our prayers are with Ukraine and its people, especially those who are more vulnerable, we also pray for the Russian mothers and fathers who see their boys and girls sent off to a war against their own people in many cases. Lord have mercy!


We continue to pray towards our new building and that the obstacles may be removed so that we can occupy the space as soon as possible.We do not have a building that we can meet in, and for many of our members, this is difficult. We continue to meet on Zoom and we are keeping up our Wednesday study group as well as a Bible study on Sunday before the service at 10:00 am.


Our prayers as a church community are with Vera, Lenyr, Evelina Skeete, Noreen Smith, Bill Gray, Felipe Lopes Moreira , Maria Zely, who are all in need of relief of their  infirmities and feebleness.


We are thankful for many blessings, including the 84th birthday of our dear sister Marli, the eighth place at a prestigious university for Maria Helena, daughter of Helio and Nilma, announcement of the departure of Filipe who will be studying medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the vaccination campaign that has reached great numbers in Rio and in the whole of Brazil. Most of us have been vaccinated three times, allowing us to feel a little more secure.


The war in Ukraine is a great concern for us in Brazil, due to our delicate and fragile economy. Things have not been good in the last three or four years and now the prospects are not at all good. Record unemployment, widespread hunger and despair, dealing with the aftermath of covid...

~ In His service
Helen Muriel Smith

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