News From Rio


I trust you are all in good health. Here in Rio, we are now facing summer weather in the middle of our winter! Not good for the coughs and colds going around. Unfortunately, our city of Rio is now considered the epicenter for the Delta variant in Brazil so we are all having to be super careful even though vaccination has reached over 50% of the adult population, at least one dose. There are lines of ambulances in front of hospitals that treat covid again.

We have a diocesan meeting on Saturday and pray that it will go well - it will be online of course.

We continue to pray for our sick, Vera, Solange Alcântara, Elza Afonso; Camilla Berlim and Manuela Berlim; Dr Milton Genes, Gabriela Romero, John William Moss

We remember the terrible problems in Afghanistan and we pray for those who have lost loved ones in this devastating war which seems to be ongoing. There are so many hurting and grieving in this world today, Lord have mercy!


We are grateful for your companionship and prayers.