News From Rio


June 10, 2021

Good afternoon from Rio,

Here in Rio, we are rejoicing with Rev'd Moroni because his wife Natalie has finally been released to go home after a long period in hospital fighting COVID. She will need physiotherapy to regain movements and ease of breathing, but she is out of danger now, praise the Lord!

We rejoice also in the two birthdays celebrated this week: Raissa and Luiz Henrique.

We continue to pray for Vera and our elderly people who are still isolated, for Elaine Cruz who is having cancer treatment in São Paulo.

We remember Nalter Alves Gomes and his family. He died in a freak accident last week. He is the brother of our Primate Naudal, and also Rev'd Carmen Etel. We remember the over 480,000 dead to COVID in Brazil.

Blessings to you all