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About us


At the Church of the Good Shepherd we strive to "worship God in the beauty of holiness;" allow ourselves to be formed as disciples - followers - of Jesus and grow continually into the image of Christ; and partner with others to serve Christ in our neighbor - whether next door, in the surrounding area, or in other parts of the country and the world.
















We are Episcopalians, a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, which is in turn a constituent part of The Episcopal Church.


As Episcopalians we are inheritors in the United States (and nearly 15 other countries) of the Anglican tradition, that is, the Christian church in the British Isles. The Christian faith arrived there with the Romans, as early as the first century A.D., and was reintroduced, for good, with the mission of St. Augustine of Canterbury from 597 A.D. After breaking with the authority of the Pope in the early 16th century, the Church of England eventually spanned the globe as it followed the spread of the British Empire, then devolved into autonomous, "national" churches as the empire gradually faded and countries - like the American colonies in the late-18th century - gained their independence.


The Episcopal Church is one of the approximately 38 member churches of the Anglican Communion, those "sister-churches" around the world with historic ties to the Church of England.

The leadership of the Church of the Good Shepherd includes...

The Most Rev'd Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop & Primate of The Episcopal Church



  • Search for a new rector is getting underway.  Contact Senior Warden Peni Kehoe at the church number for information.  She will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Joanne Cobb Brown, Director of Music & Organist

  • Hallie Sway, Accounting/Bookkeeping

  • Jackie Rutberg, Administrative Assistant

Vestry & Officers:

  • Tammy Camfield (term through 2022) - MOE (Mission, Outreach, Evangelism) Shepherd

  • Peni Kehoe (term through 2022) - Senior Warden

  • Carla Prater (term through 2023) - MOE Shepherd

  • Erik Thompson (term through 2023) - Property Shepherd

  • Megan Hulgan (term through 2024) - Ministry Shepherd

  • Christine Loflin (term through 2024) - Ministry Shepherd

  • Beth Scarborough (term through 2024) - Jr. Warden & Finance/Admin. Shepherd

  • Treasurer, Carol Fulton

  • Clerk of the Vestry, Susan Bunder


Vestry meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 6pm.  Please contact us if there is a matter you would like to propose for the meeting agenda or if you would like to attend the meeting as a guest (you'd be welcome!).

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